COUNS-EDU: The International Journal of Counseling and Education (E-ISSN 2548-3498) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Indonesian Counselor Association (IKI) in collaboration with the Research Department of the Indonesian Institute for Counseling, Education, and Therapy. Established in 2016, this journal is committed to publishing articles that cover a wide array of topics in counseling, education, psychology, and mental health. It aims to highlight the latest and most significant developments in these fields across various settings, including school and mental health counseling, assessment techniques, supervision strategies, issues related to sexual abuse, violence addiction, multicultural and crisis intervention, trauma management, and the use of Information, Technology, and Communication. The journal also explores various aspects of psychotherapy such as career counseling, spiritual guidance, marriage and family therapy, and more. In the realm of education, it welcomes contributions on teaching methodologies, curriculum development, instructional strategies, innovative educational projects, learning methodologies, new technologies in education and learning, and assessment techniques. Additionally, the journal extends its focus to the intersection of mental health with medical and sports science, serving as a platform for sharing and disseminating high-quality academic research.